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Designated Smoking Area

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Acting is a dark profession.And by that I don't mean, that the ones who practice it made a pact with the Lord of the Darkness, who in return for talent only takes one's soul. This is an obvious and well-known fact. I am talking about something else: the concrete, physical circumstances of this job. The concepts of theater and spotlight are so intertwined that probably most people think: the actors who work there are bathing in a blinding, warm ocean of light all day , but sadly, I have to demolish this childish dream. Truth i…


The voice of the gods

Music.My passion since I was born. At the age of three, I was listening to the blues records of my parents, at five I began taking piano lessons. In my wild teens, I picked up a guitar to sing the rebel songs. During my college years I started to play the drums, I've been a drummer ever since. I play in different bands (Kiss, Nagy & Veress trio, Ramm-Brand(t) ), projects and styles, but deep inside I am devoted to jazz.